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Yoga Teacher

Hello Studio
Holistic Club, Hornsey Road N7

Yoga  Pilates & Meditation Studio for all

Low-waste grocery shop & cafe

330 Hornsey Road, N7 7HE

Hello Studio is a new space located on Hornsey road, N7 7HE,  in Islington, where local residents can come to practice yoga, Pilates, barre, Qigong but also shop the low-waste products from FAIR-WELL or stay for a mushroom, turmeric or beetroot latte, iced or warm.

Yoga For All.png

Small Classes up to 11

All Levels Welcome

Experienced Teachers

Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Sound Bath, Restorative Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Pilates & Barre classes

Flexible Pricing

Woman-owned, Family-run Business

Breathing Exercise


Unlock your potential with our 6-week yoga program! Experience the transformative power of a routine tailored to your unique goals and supported by personalised coaching. Commit to your journey and feel the difference in just six weeks.




MONDAY  - 10:00 - 15:00

WED & THURS - 9:00 - 17:00

SATURDAY 10:00 - 14:00

Singing Bowl

Practice Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & more

We offer classes for all-level from experienced teachers with different training stories and different approaches so you can find your favourite class and discover or deepen your practice in a safe and relaxed way. We also believe that yoga should be available for all and we try our best to offer classes at affordable prices and offer discounted price for specific group of people. Find the plan that fits you best.


One off
from £15


From £79

Class Pack
From £73

Practice as much as you need

Enjoy unlimited access to our studio and stop anytime. 


from £79 each month

Unlimited Classes

- £79 : 6 months contract

- £109 : no contract + pausable +5%off at the cafe


2 weeks Membership


No renewal

No cancellation needed

Unlimited Classes



Unlimited classes for a year.

5% member discount

to use at the shop + cafe.

Bring 1 friend a month.

& a gift for your birthday.

(available soon)


Holistic Massage

Celebrate our luxurious wellness clinic's grand opening with an exclusive offer: Enjoy a rejuvenating 1-hour Swedish massage with Dunya and get a delightful 10% discount! Experience skilled hands expertly releasing tension and restoring tranquility to your body and mind. Feel the tailored full-body massage dissolve stress and unveil profound serenity.

£54 instead of £60 - 1 hour Swedish Massage
with code HELLOMASSAGE with your first massage
“Such a fantastic studio and great instructor. Best yoga class I’ve been to in a long time."
Sound Healing


Welcome to our workshop series! Explore the next workshops in our studio, and remember, there's a special discount exclusively for our members. Enroll now and make the most of your membership benefits!
NEXT Workshop Breath Odyssey - An Introduction to Conscious Connected Breathwork

Meet the experienced and dedicated teachers that make our studio so special

Yoga at Home

A space that feels like Home

Our space is meant for you to come, practice and stay for a chat, for your refills, or for a moment with a hot tea. We love chatting with our customers and sharing ideas, and recommendations. We love welcoming your children, your entire family, your friend's crew, and your dog (s). We love seeing you again and again and we offer special offers to our most regular customers. For example, receive 5% off for every refill with your annual membership.

with welcoming and experienced teachers


Are you looking for a quiet space to rent?

our lovely peaceful studio is available to rent for a one-off or regular basis

wifi included - heating or air conditioning - toilets

natural floor, bright and quiet

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

A restorative way to wind down your day

Decreases anxiety & depression

Helps to release excess of energy and access a more calm state

Reduces stress levels 

Learn how to use your breath to calm your system

Support your immune system

Release the toxins away from your body

Say Hello & Fair-Well
Our story

Hello Studio is a new space located on Hornsey road in Islington, where local residents can come to practice yoga, pilate, and barre but also shop the low-waste products from FAIR-WELL.


This is the Home of Charlie,  the little electric van from Fair-Well that has been driving around the neighborhood delivering plastic-free food,
supporting local residents to reduce food and plastic waste, for the last 4 years. The two projects have been brought together for a reason: Claire, Fair-Well founder and Yoga instructor believes that yoga practice, good food made sustainably, slow consumption, kindness and inclusivity within and between our communities can bring fulfilment and a sense of wellbeing. It can also help us reduce our environmental impact and make the right choices to protect our planet.

The full name of the new place located on Hornsey road is Say Hello and Say Fair-well. It is inspired by Frank Ocean’s version of the song Strawberry swings, a childhood lullaby about nostalgia for a beautiful world that is ending, a dying planet that we imperatively need to look after, love and respect fully so that future generations can survive. The purpose of the Hello space is to bring beauty, conviviality, and enjoyment to all while helping us enact a deep commitment and purpose towards the

At the heart of Fair-Well is a commitment to the community, which will be pursued with this new project. The project founder, Claire, hopes that this space will become a space to share talents, share new sustainable projects with the community and most importantly, be a space where everyone can
feel welcomed and appreciated

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